Valuable information is created by the researchers themselves.

This is Now, we are living in an age when collective intelligence is required for research, and when researchers share a small sincerity with data, a good research result will emerge for research.

This system is only for enthusiastic researchers who share such research, especially for researchers who study natural sciences, and this system is operated by researchers and is used in research It is maintained by people. It is a system that researchers themselves create good quality information.

After participating in academic conferences or academic activities, try to input relevant information into this system, and then observe what happens here, and valuable information about the researcher's identity will be sent to the researcher And other researchers. This information is in the hands of the system and has contributed to other researchers forever.

It has been the case for the researchers in the world and for researchers in the world to open a space for uploading materials such as academic conferences and colloquiums to which they have participated.

Please try it once.
If you have difficulty in inputting the information, you can send it to, where the researchers' participating sites and posters will be included in this system within a few days.