Changbong Hyeon

Korean Name : 현창봉
Organization : Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Department : Physics
Status : Professor
Email : hyeoncb@kias.re.kr
Research Field : Mathematics
Research interests : Biophysics, Computational Biology, Soft Matter, Statistical Mechanics, Physical Chemistry
Home Page :

Research :

Conference Talks :
  • APCTP-KIAS Workshop on Motors and Engines (Invited Speaker, 2018-6-25, Seoul)
  •        TItle : Energetic costs, precision, and transport efficiency of molecular motors

    Seminar & Colloquim Talks :
  • 2018 Spring KAIST Physics Colloquium (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Physics, 2018-03-26[E6 #1501])
  •        TItle : Polymer Physics Perspective on the Chromatin inside Cell Nuclei
  • 2018 POSTECH Physics Colloquium (Pohang University of Science and Technology, Department of Physics, 2018-11-28[Science Bldg, 3-201])
  •        TItle : Energetic Costs, Precision, and Transport Efficiency of Molecular Motors

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