Mu-Hyun Baik

Korean Name : 백무현
Organization : Institute for Basic Science
Department : Chemistry
Status : Associate Professor
Email : mbaik2805@kaist.ac.kr
Research Field : Chemistry
Research interests : Inorganic, Organometallic, Computational Chemistry
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Research :

Conference Talks :
  • 4th International Inorganic Chemistry Symposium at KAIST (Speaker, 2018-6-22, Daejeon)
  •        TItle : Predictive Use of Computer Models for Organometallic Reactions
  • Towards Next-Generation Challenges in Computational Chemistry: From Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Simulation to Data Discovery and Quantum Computing (Speaker, 2018-7-22, Dover)
  •        TItle : Using Computational Chemistry as a Predictive Tool for Catalyst Design: Successes and Challenges

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