Kimyeong Lee

Korean Name : 이기명
Organization : Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Department : Physics
Status : Researcher
Email : klee@kias.re.kr
Research Field : Physics
Research interests : String Theory, Quantum Field Theory, Theoretical Physics, High Energy Physics, Cosmology
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Research :

Research Activities :
  • Steering Committee : Kavli Asian Winter School (KAWS) on Strings, Particles and Cosmology 2018(2018-1-8)
  • Organizer : Workshop on Fields, Strings and Gravity(2018-5-17)

  • Conference Talks :
  • IBS Symposium on Theoretical Physics Quantum Field Theory, String Theory and M-Theory: A Perspective on the Future (Speaker, 2018-8-9, Seoul)
  •        TItle : Strongly Interacting Physics in Diverse Dimensions   

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