Pohang University of Science and Technology


Nation :Republic of Korea
City(or Country) :Pohang
Type :University
Address :77 Cheongam-Ro. Nam-Gu. Pohang. Gyeongbuk. Korea 37673
Email :webmaster@postech.ac
Telephone : +82-54-279-0114

Total : 1
SETAC AP 2018(2018-7-16)

Seminar & Colloquium
Total : 3
2017 POSTECH Chemistry Seminar
2018 POSTECH Math Colloquim
2018 POSTECH Physics Colloquium

Total : 44
Bogwang Jeon (Mathematics, Asistant Professor)
Bum-joon, Kim (Department of Physics, Professor)
Byoungdon Kong (Electrical Engineering, Professor)
Daesu Lee (Professor)
Donghyun Lee (Mathematics, Asistant Professor)
Eunsung Lee (Chemistry, Professor)
Gil Ho Lee (Physics, Professor)
Gil Young Cho (Physics, Professor)
Hee-Cheol Kim (High energy theoretical physics, Professor)
Hu-Jong Lee (Professor)
Igor Di Marco (Department of Physics, Professor)
Jae Choon Cha (Mathematics, Professor)
Jae-Hoon Park (Asistant Professor)
Jae-Hyung Jeon (Department of Physics, Asistant Professor)
Jeehoon Kim (Physics, Asistant Professor)
Jeesoon Ihm (Distinguished Professor)
Jihoon Shim (Chemistry, Associate Professor)
JIHUN PARK (Mathematics, Professor)
Jihun Yum (Mathematics, Doctorial Course)
Jonghwan Kim (Physics, Asistant Professor)
Junsang Doh (Chemistry, Professor)
Junsuk Rho (Mechanical Engineering, Professor)
Junsung Kim (Physics, Associate Professor)
Junwoo Son (Asistant Professor)
Ki Bong Lee (Physics, Professor)
Ki-Seok Kim (Professor)
Kilwon Cho (Chemical Engineering, Professor)
Kimoon Kim (Chemistry, Professor)
Ko, In Soo (Retired)
Kunwoo Kim (Mathematics, Asistant Professor)
Minho Kim (Asistant Professor)
Myoungjean Bae (Mathematics, Associate Professor)
Sejun Kim (Mathematics, Postdoctoral Fellow)
Seungjae Lee (Mathematics, Doctorial Course)
Song, Changyong (Physics, Professor)
Sungmun Cho (Mathematics, Asistant Professor)
Tae-Hwan Kim (Asistant Professor)
Yeom, Han Woong (Professor)
Yong-Geun Oh (Mathematics, Professor)
Yoon Hee Jeong (Department of Physics, Professor)
Yosep Kim (PhD.)
Young Ho Rhee (Chemistry, Professor)
Young-Tae Chang (Chemistry, Professor)
Younghwan Son (Mathematics, Asistant Professor)

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