Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology


Nation :Republic of Korea
City(or Country) :Ulsan
Type :University
Address :50, UNIST-gil, Ulsan 44919, Republic of Korea
Telephone :+82 52 217 0114
Fax :+82 52 217 1120

Seminar & Colloquium
Total : 2
2018 Spring UNIST Department of Chemistry Colloquium
2018 UNIST Chemistry Colloquium

Total : 14
Cheol-Min Ghim (Asistant Professor)
Choi, Kyudong (Mathematics, Professor)
Hai-Woong Lee (Division of General Studies, Professor)
Hantaek Bae (Asistant Professor)
Hyuk Kyu Pak (Physics, Professor)
Jehyung Kim (Asistant Professor)
Kwon, Bongsuk (Mathematics, Professor)
Sang Il Seok (Energy and Chemical Engineering, Professor)
Sang-Bum Yoo (Mathematics, PhD.)
Steve Granick (Distinguished Professor)
Sun, Hae-Sang (Mathematics, Professor)
Yoon Seok Oh (Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Asistant Professor)
Young Chul Jun (Materials Science and Engineering, Asistant Professor)
​​Sang Young Lee (Chemistry, Professor)

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