Seoul National University

- SNU -

Nation :Republic of Korea
City(or Country) :Seoul
Type :University
Address :1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 08826
Telephone :82-2-880-5114
Fax :82-2-887-8658

Seminar & Colloquium
Total : 3
2018 SNU Chemistry Seminar
2018 SNU Math Colloquium
2018 SNU Physics Colloquium

Total : 68
Bohm Jung Yang (Physics and Astronomy, Asistant Professor)
Bongki Moon (Dept. Computer Science & Engineering , Professor)
Byeongkweon Oh (Mathematics, Professor)
ByoungSeon Choi (Professor)
Byungnam Kahng (Department of Physics & Astronomy, Professor)
Changhee Lee (Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor)
Changyoung Kim (Physics and Astronomy, Professor)
Cheol Seong Hwang (Electronic materials, Professor)
Cheol-Hyun Cho (Mathematics, Professor)
Cho, Young Hyun (Mathematics, Professor)
Chulbom Lee (Associate Professor)
Dae Hong Jeong (Chemistry Education, Professor)
Dai Sik Kim (Physics & Astronomy, Professor)
Dalmin Pai (Asistant Professor)
Dohun Kim (Asistant Professor)
Dongmin Gang (Asistant Professor)
Geum Bong Yu (Asistant Professor)
Hoseob Seo (Mathematics, Doctorial Course)
Hun Hee Lee (Mathematics, Associate Professor)
Hwajong Yoo (Mathematics, Postdoctoral Fellow)
Hwi Dong Yoo (Asistant Professor)
Hyeon, Donghoon (Mathematics, Associate Professor)
Hyung Mok Lee (Physics, Professor)
Hyunseok Jeong (Professor)
Insuk Seo (Mathematics, Asistant Professor)
Jaegon Um (Physics, Researcher)
Jaejun Yu (Asistant Professor)
Je-Geun Park (Physics & Astronomy, Professor)
Jee Woo Park (Physics, Postdoctoral Fellow)
jewan kim (Retired)
Ji-hoon Kim (Asistant Professor)
Jihun Kang (Physics, Researcher)
Jin-Soo Kim (Chemistry, Adjunct Professor )
Jisang Yoo (Mathematics, PhD.)
Jongil Park (Mathematics, Professor)
Jongwoo Lim (Asistant Professor)
Joonbin Lee (Asistant Professor)
Jungsoo Kang (Mathematical Sciences, Asistant Professor)
Jungwon Park (Chemical and Biological Engineering, Asistant Professor)
Jwa-Min Nam (Chemistry, Professor)
Kee Hoon Kim (physics and astronomy, Professor)
Minseok Oh (Asistant Professor)
Myung-Hwan Kim (Mathematics, Professor)
Myungshin Im (Dept. of Physics & Astronomy , Professor)
Panki Kim (Mathematics, Professor)
Pil joon Seo (Chemistry, Associate Professor)
Sang-hyun Kim (Mathematical Sciences, Professor)
Sanghyuk Lee (Mathematics, Professor)
Sangmin Lee (Physics, Professor)
Seonhee Lim (Mathematical Sciences , Professor)
Seung Yeal Ha (Mathematics, Professor)
Seung-Jae Lee (Biomedical Sciences, Professor)
Soo Young Park (Materials Science and Engineering,Hybrid Materials, Professor)
Soo-Bong Kim (Experimental High Energy Physics, Professor)
Sung-Soo Byun (Mathematics, PhD.)
Sunghoon Jung (Physics, Asistant Professor)
Tae Won Noh (Asistant Professor)
Tae-Woo Lee (Materials Science and Engineering, Associate Professor)
Uhi Rinn suh (Mathematics, Visiting Professor)
Un-ki Yang (Physics, Associate Professor)
Young-Hoon Kiem (Mathematics, Professor)
Youngho Yoon (Mathematics , Doctor)
Yung Kyun Noh (Asistant Professor)
Yung Woo Park (Physics and Astronomy, Professor Emeritus)
Zee Hwan Kim (Chemistry, Associate Professor)
Zheong Gou Khim (Department of Physics & Astronomy, Professor Emeritus)
​Jaewook Nam (Chemical and Biological Engineering, Asistant Professor)
​Ki Tae Nam (Materials Science and Engineering, Associate Professor)

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