Korea Institute for Advanced Study

- KIAS -

Nation :Republic of Korea
City(or Country) :Seoul
Type :Institute
Address :85 Hoegiro, Dongdaemun-gu Seoul 02455 ROK
Telephone :+82 2 958 3711
Fax :+82 2 958 3770

Total : 41
2018 Seoul-Tokyo Conference - Geometry and Topology -(2018-11-30)
2018 Symposium in Algebraic Geometry(2018-12-25)
2019 q-Day : q-series and related topics(2019-1-29)
A Probability Conference : Random Matrices and Related Topics(2019-5-6)
Algebraic Geometry in Gunsan(2018-5-27)
APCTP-KIAS QMS 2018(2018-2-24)
Conference in Geometry and Representations (in celebration of W. Haboush's 75 birthday)(2019-1-7)
Geometric and Asymptotic Group Theory with Applications(2018-7-15)
Geometric structures, hyperbolic geometry and related topics(2017-5-15)
Higher Categories and Mirror Symmetry(2017-12-4)
Hyperbolic Geometry, Spectral Geometry and related topics(2019-4-15)
International Workshop on Arithmetic Geometry and Quantum Field Theory(2018-8-13)
Invariants in Low-dimensional Topology(2017-5-10)
KIAS-KAIST Workshop on Topology and Correlation(2018-6-7)
KIAS-SNU Physics Winter Camp(2018-12-26)
Korean-Italian Meeting on Algebraic Geometry 2018(2018-1-8)
KSCV Workshop #24(2018-12-6)
Lectures on Quantum Integrability and Applications to Gauge and String theory(2018-11-19)
Light Dark World 2018(2018-12-17)
Mathematics of Fluid Motion II: Theory and Computation(2018-12-26)
Mathematics of Fluid Motion: Theory and Computation(2017-12-27)
Matrix Factorizations and Mirror Symmetry(2018-10-15)
Mini-workshop on Complex Geometry(2018-10-2)
Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics of Complex Systems(2018-7-9)
On the connection of PDE, Probability and other Mathematics fields(2018-2-18)
Progress in Several Complex Variables(2018-4-23)
Quantum K-theory and related topics(2018-11-5)
Random Conformal Geometry and Related Fields(2018-6-18)
The 10th APCTP-IACS-KIAS Joint Conference on Emergent Phenomena in Novel Oxide Materials and Low Dimensional Systems(2018-10-1)
The 15th KIAS-APCTP Winter School on Statistical Physics (2018-1-8)
The 2nd IBS-KIAS Joint Workshop at High 1(2018-1-7)
The 4th KIAS Workshop on Quantum Information and Thermodynamics(2018-12-20)
The 5th Korea Future Collider Study Group Meeting: "Current Status and Perspective"(2018-4-20)
The 8th KIAS Workshop on particle physics and cosmology(2018-10-29)
The 8th Korean-German-French on NanoPhotonics(2018-8-7)
The 9th Summer School of Condensed Matter Physics(2018-8-27)
Workshop for young dynamists(2017-12-18)
Workshop on Flag Domains and Cycle Spaces(2017-5-22)
Workshop on Aperiodic Order and Dynamics(2018-10-7)
Workshop on Arithmetic Geometry and Quantum Field Theory(2017-8-14)
Workshop on Fields, Strings and Gravity(2018-5-17)

Seminar & Colloquium
Total : 1
2018 KIAS Mathematics Colloquium

Total : 73
Aeryeong Seo (Mathematics, Research Fellow)
Antonio Sciarappa (Asistant Professor)
Arindam Das (Research Fellow)
Bhamidi Sreedhar (Mathematics, Research Fellow)
Bumsig Kim (Mathematics, Professor)
Byungdo Park (Mathematics, Research Fellow)
Carlos Scarinci (Mathematics, Research Fellow)
Changbong Hyeon (Physics, Professor)
Cheolgyu Lee (Mathematics, Research Fellow)
Chiung Hwang (Physics, Research Fellow)
Chol Park (Mathematics, Research Fellow)
Duc Viet Vu (Mathematics, Postdoctoral Fellow)
Eung Jin Chun (Physics, Asistant Professor)
Eung Jin Chun (Physics, Professor)
Eunmi Kim (Mathematics, Research Fellow)
Hyunggyu Park (Physics, Professor)
In-Jee Jeong (Mathematics, Research Fellow)
Inkang Kim (School of Mathematics, Professor)
Jae Sung Lee (Physics, Research Professor)
Jae-hyeon Park (Physics, Research Fellow)
Jaehak Lee (Research Fellow)
Jaehyun Hong (Mathematics, Research Professor)
Jaewan Kim (Professor)
Jaewon Song (Physics, Research Fellow)
Jaigyoung Choe (Mathematics, Professor)
Jason Evans (Physics, Asistant Professor)
Jeongho Bang (Computational Sciences, Research Fellow)
Jeongseok Oh (Mathematics, Research Fellow)
Jinhyung Park (Mathematics, Professor)
Jinsung Park (Mathematics, Professor)
JongHae Keum (Mathematics, Professor)
Jun-Muk Hwang (Mathematics, Professor)
Junggi Yoon (Physics, Research Fellow)
Junghyo Jo (Asistant Professor)
Junmou Chen (Physics, Research Fellow)
Kang, Nam-Gyu (Mathematics, Professor)
Kenji Nishiwaki (Research Fellow)
Kim,Ildoo (Mathematics, Professor)
Kimyeong Lee (Physics, Researcher)
Kwok Kin Wong (Mathematics, Research Fellow)
Kwon Park (Physics, Professor)
Kyewon Koh Park (Mathematics, Research Professor)
Kyungbae Park (Mathematics, Research Fellow)
Kyusung Hwang (Physics, Research Fellow)
Lee, Jooyoung (Protein Folding; Bioinformatics; Global Optimization, Professor)
Lee, Kimyeong (Theoretical Physics, Professor)
Li Jinmian (Asistant Professor)
Min Hoon Kim (Mathematics, Research Fellow)
Miok Park (Physics, Research Fellow)
Natale Alexander (Asistant Professor)
Nessim Sibony (Mathematics, Professor)
Peiwen Wu (Asistant Professor)
Plinio G. P. Murillo (Mathematics, Research Fellow)
Pyungwon Ko (Asistant Professor)
Sang-A Park (Research Fellow)
Sanghoon Kwon (Mathematics, Visiting Professor)
Sanghyeon Lee (Mathematics, Research Fellow)
Sangwook Lee (Mathematics, Research Fellow)
Seong-Mi Seo (Mathematics, Research Fellow)
Seung-Woo Lee (Research Professor)
Son, Young-Woo (School of Computational Sciences, Professor)
Sung-Jin Oh (Mathematics, Research Professor)
Sung-Yeon Kim (Mathematics, Professor)
Sungjay Lee (Physics, Professor)
Sungmin Yoo (Mathematics, Research Fellow)
Takaaki Nomura (Asistant Professor)
Tang YiLei (Asistant Professor)
Tomoki Nosaka (Research Fellow)
Wontae Hwang (Mathematics, Research Fellow)
Yi, Piljin (String Theory, Field Theory, and Quantum Gravity, Professor)
Yong-Baek Kim (Physics, Professor)
Yong-Hee Lee (President)
Youn-Seo Choi (Mathematics, Professor)

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