Catalysis and Fine Chemicals 2018 (Chem. Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand , (2018-10-10)

Future Faculty Symposium (Chem. Cambridge, United States of America, (2018-08-24)

The 4th International Symposium for Molecular Neurodegenerative Disease Research (Chem. Daejeon, Republic of Korea, (2018-08-21)

Materials Challenges in Alternative and Renewable Energy (MCARE) 2018 (Chem. Vancouver, Canada, (2018-08-20)

Emphasizing the Current Advancements and Novel Approaches in Chemistry and Related Fields (Chem. Lisbon, Portuguese Republic, (2018-07-23)

Towards Next-Generation Challenges in Computational Chemistry: From Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Simulation to Data Discovery and Quantum Computing (Chem. Dover, United States of America, (2018-07-22)

28th International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry (Chem. Fiorentino, Italian Republic , (2018-07-15)

17th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors (Chem. Vienna, Republic of Austria, (2018-07-15)

13th International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry (Chem. Quebec, Canada, (2018-07-08)

17th Polymers and Organic Chemistry Conference (Chem. Montpellier, French Republic , (2018-07-03)

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