Current Developments in Mathematics 2018

Category :Mathematics
Nation :United States of America
City :Cambridge
Start date :2018-11-16
End date :2018-11-17
Host organization :Harvard University
Department :Mathematics
E-mail :cdm@math.harvard.edu.
Place :Harvard University Science Center, Hall B
RH Index :31.5

Organizers :
  • David Jerison (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Paul Seidel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Richard Stanley (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Horng-Tzer Yau (Harvard University)
  • Mark Kisin (Harvard University)
  • Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard University)

  • Speakers :
  • Aaron Brown (University of Chicago)
      Title : Recent progress in the Zimmer program I and II

  • Frank Calegari (University of Chicago)
      Title : Potential modularity of abelian surfaces

  • Benjamin Howard (Boston College)
      Title : Periods of abelian varieties with complex multiplication I and II

  • Aleksandr Logunov (Institute for Advanced Study)
      Title : New results on Landis' conjecture and Yau's conjecture

  • Eugenia Malinnikova (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
      Title : Yau's conjecture on zero sets of Laplace eigenfunctions: Overview and related questions

  • Allan Sly (Princeton University)
      Title : Phase transitions of random constraint satisfaction problems

  • Support : Limited funding to help defray travel expenses is available for graduate students and recent PhDs. If you are a graduate student or postdoc and would like to apply for support, please fill out the form above send a letter to cdm@math.harvard.edu. 1.A letter indicating your name, address, current status, university affiliation, citizenship, and area of study. F1 visa holders are eligible to apply for support. 2.If you are a graduate student, please send a brief letter of recommendation from a faculty member to explain the relevance of the conference to your studies or research.
    Banquet : There will be a banquet on Friday November 17, 2018, 7 PM in the Royal East Restaurant 791 Main Street, Cambridge MA 02139.
    Hotels : Sheraton Commander 16 Garden Street, Cambridge MA 02138 telephone: (617) 547-4800 hotel-Harvard campus: 5-10 minute walk Irving House 24 Irving St., Cambridge MA 02138 telephone: (617) 547-4600, hotel-Harvard campus: 5-10 minute walk Friendly Inn(B + B) 1673 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA 02138 telephone: (617) 547-7851 hotel-Harvard campus: 5-10 minute walk Courtyard Marriott Cambridge 777 Memorial Drive Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 USA 617-492-7777, 1-800-321-2211 15-minute walk to Harvard Square, Free shuttle to Harvard Hotel Tria 220 Alewife Brook Pkwy Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02138-1102 (617) 491-8000, outside Harvard Square. 10 minute walk to public transportation Free Shuttle bus to Harvard

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