Higher Categories and Mirror Symmetry

Higher Categories and Mirror Symmetry

Category :Mathematics
Nation :Republic of Korea
City :Seoul
Start date :2017-12-4
End date :2017-12-8
Host organization :Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Department :Mathematics
E-mail :dekim@kias.re.kr
Place :KIAS 8101
RH Index :9

Organizers :
  • Gregory Ginot (Université Paris 13)
  • Bumsig Kim (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)

  • Speakers :
  • Cheol-Hyun Cho (Seoul National University)
      Title : Gluing localized homological mirror functors   

  • Chris Elliott (Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques)
      Title : Singular Support Conditions for Coherent Sheaves Coming From Vacua   

  • John Francis (Northwestern University)
      Title : Factorization homology and the cobordism hypothesis   

  • Gregory Ginot (Université Paris 13)
      Title : Introduction to derived geometry and brane actions.   

  • Rune Haugseng (University of Copenhagen)
      Title : The AKSZ construction in derived algebraic geometry as an extended TQFT   

  • Etienne Mann (University of Angers)
      Title : Quantum D modules and mirror symmetry   

  • Byungdo Park (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)
      Title : A classification of equivariant gerbe connections   

  • Marco Robalo (Campus Universitaire de Jussieu)
      Title : Derived Algebraic Geometry, Matrix Factorisations and Vanishing Cycles   

  • Vivek Shende (University of California, Berkeley)
      Title : Localization of the Fukaya category, microlocal sheaves, and mirror symmetry.   

  • Hiro Lee Tanaka (Harvard University)
      Title : Morse theory and a stack of Broken Lines   

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