Invariants in Low-dimensional Topology

Invariants in Low-dimensional Topology

Category :Mathematics
Nation :Republic of Korea
City :Seoul
Start date :2017-5-10
End date :2017-5-12
Host organization :Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Department :Mathematics
Place :Room 8101, KIAS
RH Index :4.3

Organizers :
  • JongHae Keum (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)
  • Min Hoon Kim (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)
  • Kyungyong Lee (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)
  • Kyungbae Park (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)

  • Speakers :
  • Francesco Lin (Princeton University)
      Title : An introduction to monopole Floer homology   

  • Mark Powell (Université du Québec à Montréal)
      Title : Topological 4-manifolds and the disc embedding theorem   

  • Paolo Aceto (Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics)
      Title : Rational homology cobordisms of plumbed manifolds and arborescent link concordance   

  • Jae Choon Cha (Pohang University of Science and Technology)
      Title : Whitney towers in a rational homology ball   

  • Marco Golla (Uppsala University)
      Title : Marco Golla   

  • Se-Goo Kim (Kyung Hee University)
      Title : Secondary Upsilon invariants of knots   

  • Taehee Kim (Konkuk University)
      Title : Structure of the grope filtration of the knot concordance group   

  • Teruaki Kitano (Soka Universtiy)
      Title : A polynomial invariant of a homology 3-sphere defined by Reidemeister torsion   

  • Takahiro Kitayama (University of Tokyo)
      Title : Representation varieties detect splittings of 3-manifolds   

  • Tatsuro Shimizu (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University)
      Title : On the Bott-Cattaneo's Chern-Simons perturbation theory   

  • Zhongtao Wu (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
      Title : 3-manifold invariants and Dehn surgery   

  • Ki-Heon Yun (Sungshin University)
      Title : On dissolving knot surgery 4-manifolds under a CP^2-connected sum   

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