A Probability Conference

Random Conformal Geometry and Related Fields

Category :Mathematics
Nation :Republic of Korea
City :Seoul
Start date :2018-6-18
End date :2018-6-22
Host organization :Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Department :Mathematics
Place :KIAS, Seoul Korea
RH Index :4.3

Organizers :
  • Tom Alberts (University of Utah)
  • Kang, Nam-Gyu (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)
  • Fredrik Viklund (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

  • Speakers :
  • Greg Lawler (University of Chicago)
      Title : Two-sided Loop-Erased Random Walk   

  • Titus Lupu (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich)
      Title : First passage sets of the 2D GFF and Minkowski content   

  • Ellen Powell (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich)
      Title : A characterisation of the Gaussian free field   

  • Sung-Soo Byun (Seoul National University)
      Title : Annulus SLE partition functions and martingale-observables   

  • Wei Qian (University of Cambridge)
      Title : Uniqueness of the welding problem for SLE and LQG   

  • Scott Sheffield (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
      Title : Scale-free environments: walks, loops, and soups

  • Yilin Wang (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich)
      Title : Geometric descriptions of the Loewner energy of a simple loop   

  • Peter Lin (University of Washington)
      Title : Conformal Embedding of the Continuum Random Tree   

  • Vivian Olsiewski Healey (University of Chicago)
      Title : Tree Embedding via the Generalized Loewner Equation   

  • Pierre Nolin (City University of Hong Kong)
      Title : No exceptional words for site percolation on $Z^3$   

  • Jason Miller (University of Cambridge)
      Title : Is an SLE κ for κ∈(4,8) determined by its range?

  • Hao Wu (Tsinghua University)
      Title : Hypergeometric SLE and Convergence of Multiple Interfaces in Lattice Models   

  • Joshua Pfeffer (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
      Title : Connectivity properties of the adjacency graph of SLE κ bubbles for κ∈(4,8)   

  • Rémi Rhodes (Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée)
      Title : Towards quantum Kähler geometry   

  • Bertrand Duplantier (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission)
      Title : Complex Generalized Integral Means Spectrum of Whole-Plane SLE   

  • Eveliina Peltola (University of Geneva)
      Title : Multiple SLEs, pure partition functions, and connection probabilities   

  • Vlad Margarint (University of Oxford)
      Title : Using techniques from Stochastic Differential Equations in the study of Schramm-Loewner Evolution   

  • Sungchul Park ()
      Title : Local spin correlations in the critical and near-critical Ising model   

  • Dapeng Zhan (Michigan State University)
      Title : Two-curve Green's function for 2-SLE   

  • Kalle Kytölä (Aalto University)
      Title : Conformal field theory on the lattice: from discrete complex analysis to Virasoro algebra   

  • Lukas Schoug (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
      Title : A Multifractal SLE κ(ρ) boundary spectrum   

  • Konstantin Izyurov (University of Helsinki)
      Title : caling limits of critical Ising correlations: convergence, fusion rules, applications to SLE   

  • Guillaume Remy (École normale supérieure)
      Title : The Fyodorov-Bouchaud formula and Liouville conformal field theory   

  • Participants :
  • Jie Jun Ang (USA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

  • Takuya Murayama (Japan, Kyoto University)

  • Yan Dai (USA, University of Arizona)

  • Minjae Park (USA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

  • Renjie Feng (China, Beijing International Center For Mathematical Research)

  • Hugo Pierre Falconet (USA, Columbia University)

  • Laurie Field (Australia, Australian National University)

  • Rémi Rhodes (France, Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée)

  • Makoto Katori (Japan, Chuo University)

  • Michael Kozdron (Canada, University of Regina)

  • Atul Shekhar (Sweden, KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

  • Daisuke Shiraishi (Japan, Kyoto University)

  • Youngtak Sohn (USA, Stanford University)

  • Xinyi Li (USA, University of Chicago)

  • Huy Tran (Germany, Technische Universität Berlin)

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