2018 IBS Symposium

IBS Symposium on Data Science

Category :Physics
Nation :Republic of Korea
City :Seoul
Start date :2018-7-31
End date :2016-7-31
Host organization :Institute for Basic Science
Department :Research Evaluation Team
Place :Ewha Womans University, Seoul (Lee Sambong Hall, E
RH Index :32

Organizers :
  • KIM Doochul (Institute for Basic Science)

  • Speakers :
  • Haesun Park (Georgia Institute of Technology)
      Title : Opening Remarks

  • Bongki Moon (Seoul National University)
      Title : Surf the Data Tsunami – Leveraging Gears and Platforms   

  • George Cybenko (Dartmouth College)
      Title : Hard Machine Learning Problems and Potential Solutions   

  • Meeyoung Cha (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
      Title : Data Science Approach Towards Understanding Information Propagation   

  • Jiawei Han (University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign)
      Title : Mining Structures from Massive Text Data: A Cross Point of Data Mining, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing   

  • Tom Chou (University of California, Los Angeles)
      Title : Functional Inference and Uncertainty Quantification in High-dimensional Stochastic Systems   

  • Hong Qian (University of Washington)
      Title : The Logic of Complex Systems: Dynamics, Computations, and Thermodynamics   

  • Haesun Park (Georgia Institute of Technology)
      Title : Closing Remarks

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