2018 International Workshop Meta-Optics and Metamaterials

Category :Physics
Nation :Republic of Korea
City :Daejeon
Start date :2018-4-23
End date :2018-4-27
Host organization :Center for Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems
Department :Physics
E-mail :pcs@ibs.re.kr
Place :PCS IBS
Address :PCS IBS, Daejeon, South Korea
Keywords :Nanophotonics, All-dielectric resonant structures, Metasurfaces, Nonlinear effects with meta-optics, Metadevices, Novel physics including topological
RH Index :33

Scientific Committee :
  • Yuri Kivshar (Australian National University)
  • Park, Q-Han (Academia Sinica)

  • Scientific Coordinators :
  • Hak-Joo Lee (Center for Advanced Meta-Materials)

  • Local committee :
  • Jihun Kang (Seoul National University)
  • Bumki Min (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

  • Invited Speakers :
  • Andrea Alu (City University of New York)
      Title : New frontiers for wave manipulation ussing time-modulated metamaterials

  • Tie Jun Cui (Southeast University)
      Title : Metamaterial – from effective material to real-time information processing system

  • Young Chul Jun (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology)
      Title : Excitonic perfect absorbers in the visible region

  • Jihun Kang (Seoul National University)
      Title : Propagation of surface polaritons in low-dimensional materials

  • Dai Sik Kim (Seoul National University)
      Title : Light matter interaction on quantum matters

  • Zee Hwan Kim (Seoul National University)
      Title : Atomic-scale plasmonic hot-spots: spectroscopic evidences and possible photo-chemical activities

  • Seungwoo Lee (Sungkyunkwan University)
      Title : Soft matter for meta-optics

  • Guixin Li (Southern University of Science and Technology)
      Title : Geometric phase and nonlinear photonic metasurfaces

  • Mikyoung Lim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
      Title : Series solution to interface problems using the geometric function theory

  • Olivier Martin (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)
      Title : Plasmonic metasurfaces in the linear and nonlinear regimes

  • Bumki Min (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
      Title : Time-variant metasurfaces as a frequency converting platform

  • Nicolae Panoiu (University College London)
      Title : Nonlinear optics in structured graphene and other 2D materials

  • Park, Q-Han (Academia Sinica)
      Title : Universal impedance matching and non-local metamaterials

  • Junsuk Rho (Pohang University of Science and Technology)
      Title : Peptide encoded gigantic chirality evolution in three-dimensional plasmonic helicoids

  • Jung-Wan Ryu (Center for Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems)
      Title : Whispering gallery modes in deformed dielectric cavities via transformation optics3

  • Jonathan Schuller (University of California, Santa Barbara)
      Title : Reconfigurable metasurface devices with semiconductor heterojunctions

  • Lei Zhou (Fudan University)
      Title : High-efficiency, multifunctional, and tunable metasurfaces

  • Myung-Ki Kim (Korea University)
      Title : Plasmonic engineering in subwavelength space

  • Overview : An important objective of the Workshop is to incorporate recent new developments in physics of metasurfaces, plasmonics, and resonant dielectric structures with quantum and nonlinear optics to facilitate new discoveries. This meeting will bring together the leading researchers from different areas of metamaterial physics and nanoscale science to explore the confluence of subwavelength photonics, metamaterials, quantum physics, the emerging physics of two-dimensional materials, and nonlinear nanophotonics. Whilst a number of breakthroughs can be already anticipated, one of the primary objectives of the meeting is to catalyze the creation of exciting new areas of research in this direction. This Workshop will be focused on the study of new fundamental properties of light in subwavelength structured photonic systems.
    Topics include : • Nanophotonics
    • All-dielectric resonant structures
    • Metasurfaces
    • Nonlinear effects with meta-optics
    • Metadevices
    • Novel physics including topological photonics
    • Quantum effects with metamaterials

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